If you wish to appear at the church please consider the following …
The musical policy tries to encompass the full range of acoustic and roots music . We have had blues , folk , southern soul, singer-songwriter , country influenced , Irish contemporary, and some unaccompanied traditional English song . If your music fits within these genres I may be interested
The best starting point is to send (if you have one) a CD of a representation of your current repertoire . If you don’t have one then contact me with details of youtube, soundcloud, webpage etc. … David Hiney 76 Dicconson St, Wigan WN1 2AT, or email bookings@acoustic-roots.co.uk or phone me on 07875 881436

What artists can always expect of us.


  • You will always get a very good sound engineer.
  • Tea or Coffee (and biscuits) when you arrive
  • Refreshments that cater to your dietary requirements before (or after) the show
  • Private space for you to relax, read a book etc. (with no unnecessary interruptions)
  • Towels and water
  • A show that runs to time(barring any foreseeable eventualities)
  • Cash (or if you require a cheque) payment on the  night
  • Homestay accommodation (if required) with breakfast of your choice provided

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