The Boss – David Cartlidge has been involved with promoting live music for many years, it has been said that he started promoting wandering minstrels……….. He runs the show, books the artists and will talk about music at the drop of a hat – actually you don’t need to drop a hat…… just  being vaguely interested is enough of an excuse. His CD collection is legendary………

Ruth the Patient – Ruth Cartlidge the long suffering wife of The Boss. She is usually found sorting out the tickets as you enter the church for a concert and making sure The Boss is in the right place at the right time.  She also makes a fine Shepherds Pie to feed the crew.

Ian the Sound – Ian is usually found behind the mixing desk tweaking the sound for  the concerts. He is a multi instrumentalist and plays in the local duo The Huers. An absolute perfectionist who insists that all the cables and mike stands are perfectly aligned (he really is a bit OCD about this), and that the sound is perfect…….

Dan the Tea – When not keeping the greens in immaculate condition at Gathurst Golf Club, Dan is usually opening envelopes from Amazon  containing CDs or playing his growing collection of guitars. His CD collection is beginning to rival that of the Boss (if that is actually possible). He keeps the endless supply of tea and coffee coming when we are setting up for a concert.

David the Pictures – When not actually taking Photographs or or talking about photography, can be found trying to plait fog in large IT projects.  Also looks after the website and marketing for Acoustic Roots….


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