Please take a look at some of the shows that have already taken place.

Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella ……Irish heart and soul and enough warmth to create a new power source A captivating evening.
West My Friend …See comments from Jonathon Gleeson on our Catablog page to see just how good he thought they were and we cannot agree more with him
Brookes Williams ……Draws on country,blues, folk, jazz, and myriad other sources to create his own unique sound. Not only that but also top class musicianship and vocals that inhabit the mood and feel of the songs. Will he be back for 3rd visit ? Errr, yes.
the Jigantics ……Fine songs, superb vocals and harmonies, tight musicianship, and a band who are clearly having a lot of fun playing together. Americana filtered through Gloucestershire. We liked them a lot and they will be returning.
Chris Leslie ……Well we knew he’d be very good but he was even better than that. It was particularly pleasing to see him seemingly lost in what he was doing as well
O’Hooley and Tidow ……Instinctive and inspiring and a bit magic. Huge positive response from everyone who was there. They will be back
Lucy Ward Band ……Dynamic and an utter and total command of the stage. Added to that were spot on harmonies, memorable songs , and the kind of playing that only a real band ( as opposed to a front person with backing ) can do. Many of you thought it was our best ever gig . ( Oh, we will be asking Lucy Ward to do another gig )
Ric Sanders Trio …… Inspired and instinctive musicianship and a great selection of covers of American roots music. To visit these songs requires the class and originality which they clearly have. So good it left many of us absolutely stunned.
Steve Ashley ….The welcome return of Steve Ashley reminded us what an absolute song craftsmen he is. Vivid , cinematic songs that were utterly memorable. The evening was started off in fine style by Paul Liddell who went down a storm with the audience. He sold a lot of c.ds and will be rejoining us due to several requests that we’ve already had.
Rod Clements ….3rd time we’ve worked with Rod (one solo gig) and he still manages to have something new to say musically. Vibrant songs and playing that is sharp as a knife. Added to that Rod and Ian are a pleasure to work with….and I should also add a great guest slot from The Huers
Robb Johnson ….”Gentle Men ” solo. It was a privilege to host this immensely moving and resonant performance. Songs and narrative that reached out to ( and involved) the entire audience.
Geoff Muldaur ….World class musicianship and singing from a true legend of U.S roots music. A perfectly realised and beautifully understated performance nicely complemented by his inter-song narrative. We’ll remember it for a long time.
Mark Harrison ….Songs that were memorable and strong on narrative .Playing that was economical and sharp as a knife . 3 genuine and well deserved encores. What a noisy audience (a compliment, by the way).
Will Pound Band ….Inspired and instinctive ensemble playing their dynamism and energy were contagious and they will be returning ( hopefully ) next year.
Charlie Dore ….What a fine performance – superb, touching and original songwriting with wonderful melody. What an excellent night. Her new Album Milk Roulette has received excellent reviews and we were able to see why.
The Lindisfarne Story ….A very entertaining , funny, touching , and interesting evening looking back over the history of this special band . Also a reminder that they were masters of music as a communal experience . A church full of people who were having a very good time because they were part of what was going on. Magic in the Air.
The Carrivick Sisters, with Guest Des Horsfall ….Bluegrass music combined with an English folk sensibility, plus startling instrumental prowess and some memorable songs. Added to that we had the return of the mighty Des Horsfall. All’s right with the world then.
Michael Chapman, with guests Fabian Holland and Louis Flamenco Michael Chapman’s stunning musicianship was an absolute pleasure to experience . the evening ended with a standing ovation. Also Fabian Holland reminded us just how good he is and why we asked him back. Louis Flamenco opened the evening with a fine display of instrumental acoustic magic . Wow ! what a night.
Brooks Williams and Lighting Express Economy, style , and excellent sharp songs . Best Rhythm section in a long time. Could it have been one of our best gigs ? A lot of you thought so ( can’t argue with that )
Home Service Apart from their stunning musicianship and fine songs we were reminded that music can be a communal experience . A truly memorable and special evening. . The difficult task of opening the evening went to Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock and they were well up to it.
Reg Meuross One of the most engaging artists we’ve ever worked with. Gained a lot of new supporters when he played.
Philip Henry and Hannah Martin Some of the finest and most magical music we’ve ever seen. The way they played instinctively off each other was an absolute pleasure
Judy Dunlop and Friends One of the most underrated singers around. Joined by Steve and Nadia Marsh in a seasonal celebration
Gilmore and Roberts How do two people create such an expansive sound? Not only that, but such fine songs as well. Go on, admit it. Isn’t “Doctor James” one of the best songs you’ve heard in a long time? One of the most popular gigs we’ve had. Not only that, but the evening was open by the inimitable (and very wonderful) Des Horsfall
Rod Clements and Ian Thomson Another chance to work with this fine musician and songwriter . One who knows the true value of economy and understatement ( i.e It’s what you leave out when you play that is sometimes matters the most) . Ably assisted by Ian Thomson on Acoustic bass
Larkin Poe Our first American artists. Their Swampadelic sounds resulted in our first ever standing ovation
Steve Ashley An artist who sets the bar for what it means to be a singer-songwriter. Utterly memorable and strong narrative songs (how can you write such a good one about types of apples?)
Iain Matthews and Egbert Derix Vibrant music full of real heart and soul. Freshness and Passion still possible after 45 years making music. Also, a fine solo acoustic gig with Iain later in the year.
Robb Johnson A Christmas show at the end of 2012 . Gus Mckenzie’s write up (see under reviews) sums it up better than I can
Ruth Angell and Sid Peacock A completely unbiased view is that they are brilliant. You have got their album “Love Forgiven”? if not, you really ought to buy it. Several of you have said that they are one of the best acts we’ve put on. Well, I couldn’t argue with you.
The Pitmen Poets This short lived combination of Jez Lowe, Billy Mitchell, Bob Fox, and Benny Graham with an evening of songs and prose in tribute to miners and their families. Went down a storm in this area with it’s long standing connections with mining.
Albion Christmas Band Now lined up for their 4th visit at the end of 2014 . You know how good they are . Don’t forget , the original is still the best
Rod Clements (ex Lindisfarne, but you knew that anyway) I wish we had recorded that concert, he was magnificent .
Chris While, Julie Matthews , Kellie While, Ruth Angell, and Becky Mills A truly memorable evening, and all the profits went to local women’s aid charities.
Show of Hands A truly special concert in November 2010 is still very much in a lot of peoples memory . Maybe we can persuade them to do a return gig
Blair Dunlop and Ashley Hutchings MBE Well, wasn’t that good? If you looked closely you could see the sparks fly. You probably knew that they were enjoying themselves just as much as the rest of us!
Voices at The Door This stunning acapella group arrived in the middle of a blizzard. They used the church as an additional instrument to complement their vocals and terrific harmonies. Very special.
Stackridge We’ve had a splendid time doing 3 concerts with them.

The above is a selection of the artists we have been so pleased to work with.
With the continued support of the audience we intend to add several more interesting artists to the ever expanding list.

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