There are a lot of people out there who profess to be sound engineers. An artist’s performance depends ( quite a lot) on the abilities of a sound engineer. I am saddened and frustrated by having to deal with incompetent divots and twerps masquerading as sound engineers. BUT it’s not all bad. We have been fortunate in the consistently excellent standard of the following-

Paul Smith– There is probably someone he hasn’t done sound for yet ( don’t know who it is though) He can be contacted at

Peter Rogers-Moriarty  one of the calmest , most unflappable people around. I am sure there is something that  might wind him up, I just can’t imagine what it is though He can be contacted on

Ian Cleverdon – for his excellent work doing sound in the Crawford Chapel

These fine people have made concerts a finer experience for artists, the audience, and us

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