To Tweet or Not to Tweet……


You’re a musician or a band, and you create a Twitter profile, because you’re aware it’s important to have ‘a presence’. Then what? What are you going to say? Who are you saying it to? And what are you saying it for?

Your main aims are likely to include reaching and building a wider fanbase, promoting your gigs, making useful connections, finding out what other people are up to, and also being seen to be active in your promotion and as a gigging musician/band.

If Facebook can be rather like an everlasting and usually fairly cosy coffee morning, Twitter is rather more like speed dating… and if you blink, or don’t choose your words carefully… you could miss your chance of any conversation progressing much beyond a first tweet.

The beauty of twitter can be its constraint. A tweet must only be 140 characters or less. I have often found that the tighter a brief, the more creative the outcome. But successful tweeting is not only succinct, it also uses words, hashtags, pictures to grab attention and encourage sharing (through retweeting). It’s also wise to connect appropriately to others using their @ twitter address in your tweet – that person/organisation is then more likely to share what you have said.


Some of the best tweeting is (or can appear to be) spontaneous. Still as with anything to do with marketing, it’s worth making a simple plan and having some clear longer term aims. It’s even possible to build suspense on Twitter – this tweet took five years to climax:

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