West My Friend Review: A few words from an appreciative audience member and music aficionado


I think it is fair to say that rarely have we heard such a richness of musical talent in the Crawford Chapel.


Should I start by describing the challenging, unconventional four part vocal harmonies, the depth of orchestral textures or the captivating changes of rhythm and metre within the lyrics? Perhaps I should elaborate on the clarity of the musical writing (which evidently has its roots in an authoritative understanding of polyphony), or try and explain how the ensemble introduces layers of weaving melodies equally?


West My Friend – together with the sound engineer (Ian), made this the perfect intimate musical experience. I was left with a lasting memory of their energy, talent and uniqueness of sound……  quod est Acoustic Roots.


Musica laetificant cor, quid nunc,……

Thanks for your kind words Jonathon, it is much appreciated. What next? well Kieran Goss and then Charlie Dore – Music to gladden the heart.


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